On USOLVED you'll find various products for keeping track of visitors and site traffic. The integration of the different scripts into your site is fast and easy to manage. We also provide some Nagios / Icinga plugins to monitor your infrastructure.



You can send newsletters to your subscribers with this simple to administrate yet powerful newsletter script. A clean user interface helps you to customize your newsletter and the frontend to make them work for your benefit.

You can host this web application on your own server.

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This is an easy to handle guestbook script with a lot of settings and easy to change template system.

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Nagios Plugins

Do you use Nagios or Icinga to monitor your infrastructure? We offer free open source plugins that may fill your needs.

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17.10.2015 MAILSolved v3.1.1 Bugfix for dispatching issue

There was a problem with several hosting providers in the current release of MAILSolved when dispatching a new newsletter job. This bugfix release fixes this issue on most cases.

If you still have this problem after updating to the latest version, contact us and tell us your hosting provider and PHP version.


  • Fixed a problem where the newsletter job was hanging on 0/0. This was caused by a anonymous function not supported by every PHP version.

  • If another group is set as default group the group called "default" won't be selected anymore on the newsletter form.

07.08.2015 MAILSolved v3.1 released

The latest release of MAILSolved has the fallowing changes:

  • Define your own place holder like {COMPANY}, {ADDRESS}, etc.
  • Filter subscriber with wildcards after initial letter
  • Sort subscriber after last name, first name and registry date
  • Different statistics for unique and overall clicks
  • Opening time and eMail address will be saved for the statistics
  • Better user interface for newsletter settings (replaced radio buttons by checkboxes)
  • Define eMail format for notifications
  • You can add a "Reply to" address for the sender address
  • Time zone will be saved to config.php for PHP version higher than 5.2
  • Updated to CKEditor version 4.5.1 and added text color plugin
  • Second menu bar in the header for (Newsletter-Output, Licence management and Logout)
  • Bugfix: PHP notice on resume
  • Bugfix: Length of database field for IPv6
  • Bugfix: Mailjobs are also running with HTTPS
  • Bugfix: Ajax-Newsletter-Form is now also reacting to the key event "Enter"
  • Bugfix: Campaign links are now encoded for servers that were throwing 403 errors